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    Quote Originally Posted by Modular View Post
    there was never a white one, the guy lied
    Can you substantiate this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxidasical View Post
    That is what the rep who sold my Pre to me said at a Pre Launch Party. He received an EARLY test model and said that they were white and had the headphone jack on the bottom. Anyone seen one of these???
    Did you ask him if it was also boxier looking, couldn't multi-task, and had a funny logo on the back?

    ... sorry, couldn't help m'self...
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    they should just end up selling a white one as well and have two different pres.
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    i think they will make a white one, maybe for verizon, but be careful what you wish to.

    black palm pre really gets really hot in the sun.
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    Maybe because they didnt want this to happen....

    White iPhone 3GS reportedly overheats, turns a browner shade of white
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    heres what a white pre would look like
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    I wouldnt want white. Glad Black is the way to go. Matches ALL my gadgets!
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    Come Pre 2 we may have color selections.
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