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    Just saw this pop up on twitter:

    Sprint CSO: Palm Pre data tethering will be possible, iTunes feature may break | Tech Gear News - Betanews

    I sure hope that guy knows what he's talking about
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    Yes, it may completely possible for it to support tethering, just like some of the early pre ads showed it as a feature, but will Sprint ever support it/allow it to happen?

    If there is enough demand and complaints by future customers that it's not there, then they may rethink the decision, much like Verizon crippling the GPS in their phones to only support VZnavigator... Tisk tisk.
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    Conflicting news

    Palm Pre: takeaways from Premier night

    Quote here:

    Tethering is not supported and Sprint has no plans to offer a tethering add-on. The company says it just isn't a very good user experience and would prefer folks added on a data card line instead.

    About 1,000 invitations were sent out to randomly-selected Premier customers for this evening's events at ten locations across the country. We've heard intermittent reports of folks getting in with no invite, but the Chicago store was staying firm.

    We were told that no store selling Pres this evening would be out of stock for tomorrow, but all bets are off once the floodgates open on Saturday. Company-owned stores got the lion's share of stock while Best Buys and Radio Shacks were held to lower levels, so your best bet over the weekend is likely a Sprint store.

    We played with our keyboard and then a Sprint employee's immediately after that had been in use for two weeks; the keys had lost some of their "stickiness," which we take as a good sign. Fresh Pres have a slightly odd feel across the key surfaces.

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