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    I was thinking of heading out to my local store at 6am tomorrow. Anyone lined up already?
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    I am in the south bay. 20 minutes south of San Jose. I will probably show up around 6-6:30.
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    I'm gonna drive by and check out my store and if its clear, I'll come back at 6 or something.
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    I am in Santa Clara. Anyone camping out in the area? I am just going to drive to my local Best Buy at 8 am and see what the lines are like.
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    In the north bay here. I went over at ~9 pm and no one was there, going to check back at around 1 am. If still no one is there, I think I'm gonna go at 5am to get in line (or start it).
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    ill be heading out to a store in S.F @ 7
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    I'm thinking of a 7am arrival... *fingers crossed*

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