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    Hey everyone

    Just wanted to give a shout out and thanks to the people posting about the chicago event held till midnight. I was planning on getting to a store early saturday morning and waiting in line, but decided to jump online, and drove from the northwest suburbs into downtown at 10pm tonight...and got myself a pre!

    In fact, many of the people were saying that they expected ALOT more people. It's an amazing phone...didnt know it was somewhat slow in opening up least initially

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    i crashed the lasalle party too...not even invited!

    Check your updates and download 1.0.2

    It makes it much faster and adds an alarm clock.
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    I crashed the party and got a the pre 2.... i just got home......
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    sorry, got the pre 3H
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    Hope my post was one that convinced some of you guys to come down! I'm STILL up playing with it... LOL
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    I am syncing my music on right now... BAD MOVE! It is taking forever... 4.2GB's... If it wasn't for these forums, I wouldn't have it to begin with!
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    Yeh, I crashed the London parrrrty. Can't believe you guys are so lucky - getting the Pre and all that, when we're stuck with the Eos
    UK boy born and bred, usually proud of this, but rueing the fact that I won't be able to get my greasy mitts on one of these for months longer...
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    Thanks for the heads up on the update Mike...definately made it faster i Think


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