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    While you are dreaming of your Pre, or waiting in line watch this!

    David Pogue Does Palm Pre Video Review | Palm WebOS
    TeckieGirl Official website
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    That was pretty good.
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    Pretty funny...

    Is Sprint really that bad? I'm in the Bay Area and I came to Sprint from Verizon and I don't notice any difference in my area...
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    I like Pogue. I got a free book from him when he wrote the Missing Guide for the iPhone for sending him a tip. Pretty cool.
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    Sprint being bad, like every cell company, depends on your location. I'm in socal and have had both sprint and verizon-never dropped a call with either, sprint works better in my actual house, and I've never had a hassle with picking up an evdo signal around here (which was an issue with verizon at times-nothing major though).

    Plus, I was paying 44.95 a month JUST FOR DATA. And that doesn't even include text messaging. It really does not matter how complete the coverage is when you get ripped off so very, very much.
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    That was actually pretty funny. I find myself surprised.
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    Loved it, didn't see it coming.
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    excellent lol
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    That was good...
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