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    I found this on another palm pre board...
    Sprint Referral Rewards Program

    If an existing sprint customer refers a new sprint customer, both get $25!
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    1) thats been around for a long time although they have changed how you do it to make it more difficult. Used to be you could just call Sprint CS and punch in a phone number that was just activated or soon to be activated and you got credit on your bill. You could (and people did) hang out near the counter and listen as they told a new customer their phone number, jot it down then dial it in and you both got a credit. Or you could peek at the computer in the store and see the numbers that were available. I had a lot of friends sign up on sprint though no action on my part and when I found out, I put their number in the system so we could both get credit. Had several months where I had no Sprint bil at all. Now its more difficult.

    2) Wrong forum
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    Doh @ 2. Well, I figured this forum would be in heavy rotation ahead of tomorrow. Just trying to help.

    I'm thinking of putting my $25 towards the touchstone, that and my corp disco.

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