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    So I finally sold my blackberry storm today(what a chore that was). I ordered my ghost armor for the pre, but decided to wait until I get the ghost armor before I go and buy the pre. I don't want to take any chances lol! I had the ghost armor on my storm and can say that it is an excellent product and protects very well against scratches and keeps fingerprints to a minimum. It doesn't peel off easy, and when you need to remove it, it comes off leaving no sticky residue. The lifetime warranty is great too! I needed a few replacement parts to spiff up the phone for the sale and they sent me a whole new kit! (you have to mail back the parts you replace) No I dont work for ghost armor lol!

    Anyways, anyone else doing the same as me?
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    I just ordered the Invisible Shield for the screen face of my Pre. I dont care about protecting the rest of the phone since the back plate is replaceable. Now I just need to find myself a Pre and not ruin it until the shield gets here.
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    For anyone who bought an invisibleshield should know that they are backordered .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    For anyone who bought an invisibleshield should know that they are backordered .
    doh I just submitted my order 3 hours ago! We'll hope for the best.
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    I ordered my IS a couple weeks ago...still not here but I guess it'll be in a few weeks.
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    good luck to all of you who ordered invisible shields! I've pretty much heard the same things about all of the products, except that the invisible has the most orange peel look to it.
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    (1)Pre comes with plastic screen film
    (2)Touchstone back so not worried about it
    (3)Invisishield should be coming soon
    (4)Just like my Instinct, I'll use the sleeve when it's in my pocket.
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    I hate screen protectors and cases. I will use my Pre a la natural the way Rubenstein intended it to be.
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    I ordered my Ghost Armor over a month ago. I got what I assume is the screen protector a few weeks ago and I assume they'll send me the rest of it tomorrow after the Pre is released (or as soon as they can get the full body shield designed and cut).
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    crap.... how long is this gonna be....
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    I just got an email from ghost armor saying mine has shipped. I hope it gets here quick, I dont want to damage my new baby
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    Do you guys prefer Ghost Armor or Invisible Shield? I've never used screen protectors in the past but judging by the chip in my Q's screen, I might want to invest in one.
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    I've used Invisible Shield on the iPods and cell phones in my family (wife and two kids) with great success. I'm trying Ghost Armor this time since I purchased before the IS sale. Still waiting for it to ship. I assume it's the same basic product as the IS.
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    Which product is better Invisible Shield or Ghost Armor. I have seen the Invisible Shield vs. a pen with great results.
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    I used Bodyguardz on an iPod touch and it is really great once you get it on there. It is just as sensitive to touch and you can't even tell its there unless you catch it with something pointy. And if that happens rubbing on it gets it back to pristine condition.

    Their customer service is what impressed me. They responded helpfully within a day, even on Memorial Day. Also, they send you two in a box for the same price as the other manufacturers, and you get lifetime replacements for $4.95 (free shipping).

    They say the Pre skin ships in 24 hours.
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    exces6...are you saying that Bodyguardz is hard or takes a while to get the film on the screen, or am I reading that wrong?
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    This is an Accessory.

    Please Note Sticky at top of Pre Forum of where things go.


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