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    patch the corp store by the mall has plenty only 14 people in line for it @ open. I was in and out in 45mins to an hour and i was 14th in line! They wouldn't say how many but they seriously have like 8 registers open, you would not staff like that if you only had 20....they said it'll prolly sell out sometime in the afternoon
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    4th in line this morning at the Frederick, MD store. 1st out the door with 2 Pre's! Store manager said they had 40 (just to give you all an idea) and anticipated being out by the end of today.

    There were 12 in line at 8am opening. Lead in the line had been there since Midnite. I got there at 7am.
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    I got my Pre at the Sprint store in Largo, MD. I got to the store at 8:01am and there were already about 15 people in the store (the rep at the door said the first person got there at 6:15am). I walked out with my phone a little after 9am, and there were about 20 people in the store waiting.

    The rep who was signing everyone in didn't say how many they had, but he said their store was one of a few in the area that got lots of phones.

    The first guy out of the store was so excited I thought he was gonna explode. LOL

    I just got home after running a couple of errands. I'm gonna let it charge completely (on the touchstone) and then play with it for the rest of the day. I posted a message to Facebook on the way home. :-)
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    I got my Pre. I am typing from it now.
    The store I ended up going to had only 4 Pre's.
    I was 2nd in line.
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    Gah.. My pre has a discolored spot right under the signal bar. I wait all night and I get a defective one.....kahn...KAHN...KAHN!!!!
    We wants it, we needs it. Must have the PREcious.
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    Gah.. My pre has a discolored spot right under the signal bar. I wait all night and I get a defective one.....kahn...KAHN...KAHN!!!!
    That's definitely a bummer... hope that's not a sign of things to come...
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    The release is killing me... due to financial restrictions, I am going to have to wait to get my pre... I am ready today, but my bank account isn't
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    Gurnee, IL non-mall corp. store had about 10 people in line accounting for about 25 phones at 8AM. At 9:30 when I got out there were 3 people in line.

    Employees kept saying to each other, "Where is everyone".

    They hard sold the accessories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deparson View Post
    Employees kept saying to each other, "Where is everyone".
    Yep, I'm getting a little worried about this. I haven't been to any stores yet, but from reading on here it seems like the lines may not be what I was expecting (and nowhere near iPhone proportions)
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    Your best bet would have been Best Buy but they have limited stock. Only 5 in our store today and wouldn't you know it, no line out of the door but there were 5 people inside completing their agreements and waiting for the phones. Some happy Palm Pre owners no doubt... When does the Sprint exclusive end and it comes over to AT&T????
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbloom164 View Post
    Gah.. My pre has a discolored spot right under the signal bar. I wait all night and I get a defective one.....kahn...KAHN...KAHN!!!!
    Ouch. Do your task, find time to get some rest and go back to replace item. Its been a long day for you.
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    Bummer mine looks ok.
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    First in Line! Only one in line..... Definitely showed up at 6:45am too, Tulsa Oklahoma, I snagged one of the THREE that this store had.....

    No customizable sms tone???
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    I arrived at the Northgate Store in Seattle at 6:40 AM. There was one car in the parking lot. Sat in my car until 7:30 AM after seeing people line up, I hustled into line. 7:50 AM the manager came out and handed everyone in line a numbered piece of paper to write down our email address. 8:00 AM he let us in and we got our phones 4 people at a time. The first one they tried to give me powered up and then shut down during the setup process. They tried to put it on the charger but no joy, just kept shutting off. They got me a new one and it worked like a charm. Warning! if you buy two Tuchstone chargers, remember to buy an extra power cord for the 2nd one as they do not come with the power cord. They expect you to use the one that comes with the phone. I had to go back to the store to buy an additional cord. Also I see no Data/USB capability with the Tuchstone. So far for me it is a charger/speaker phone only type thing. I do get Data/USB if I plug provided USB cable directly into the Pre. Our store only had 25 units.
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    They had 25 phones at the Polaris Center Sprint store in Columbus, OH.. Got there at 7:50am and there were about 12 people in line, someone as early as 5:30am. They were averaging about 15min per purchase, some longer as they needed hand holding instructions.

    Got my phone at 9am - locked it up within 2min trying to reply to the sprint activation message I got on my gmail account. The sprint advocate tried the hard reset process and it wasn't working with holding down the power and cycling the vibrate button 3 times. Took the battery out for reset and phone has worked great ever since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000 View Post
    Instead of the full site, try
    thank you ronbo! I didn't really get to use the site after you gave it to me because my fellow Pre cravers showed up and we were hanging out in line. But this will come in handy in the future.

    I lurve my Pre!
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    Walked into Best Buy at 12:45 and got the last of 6, along with a gunmetal acrylic case. Loving it so far!
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    I went back up to the sprint store, with all the sun light coming in you can't see the slight yellowish "tinge". So they said that nothing was wrong with it. I know better. I think I have to make some wallpapers up with the correct colors that will highlight what I am seeing. I can see it when a darker background is displayed too (what shade that is I don't know <YET>) I have 30 days to get this sorted way or another i will get this fixed to my satisfaction. I shelled out full price for this thing, it will be perfect.

    I grabbed 2.5 hours sleep between 3 and 5:30. Whoo..I am whipped though.

    Just wanted to say again ...nice meeting everyone in line (@Jeff and @John)
    We wants it, we needs it. Must have the PREcious.
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