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    Woodhaven store says they have about 50. 35 people in line. Limit 5 per person.
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    5 feet from the door. 7:57am here in MI and they let the first 7 in.
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    Time to go to the store, seeing as no one posted for free coffee I'm guessing I'm going to have a lonely 1 hour wait.

    Good luck east coasters!
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    I wish I had a Palm Pre to pass the time while I wait in line for my Palm Pre.
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    There are about 10 people in line
    at the corporate store in Southfield MI. I am at the BB store across the street from the corporate store. No line but there are several people sitting in their cars in the parking lot.
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    A BB employee is walking to each car and having people fill out a form.
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    omg when the rep got to my car he said that he had to put me on the waiting list because the person before me got or would get the last Pre.
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    Stopped by Best Buy yesterday to make sure they were getting them in Killeen! Warning to all... the sales person asked not to get bum rushed on Saturday since he would be the only person in the phone section...
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    the sprint kiosk I am at was supposed to open at 8 am.
    that's what their employees told me all week.
    I got here at 5 am. I am the only person here, except for mall walkers.
    no sprint workers are here and ITS 8:40 AM!!!!!!!!!!!
    their phone has rung a bunch of times.
    heck, the women who work at the verizon store are already in.
    thanks 3rd party sprint store.
    you wait this long, is it too much to expect the kiosk to open when they said it was GOING TO!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by purplecharm View Post
    omg when the rep got to my car he said that he had to put me on the waiting list because the person before me got or would get the last Pre.
    Drive to the nearest Sprint store, hurry man, you're running out of time!
    UK boy born and bred, usually proud of this, but rueing the fact that I won't be able to get my greasy mitts on one of these for months longer...
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    ok I just drove to the Farmington Hills MI BB which is 10 minutes from the Southfield location. There is only one person sitting in the parking lot here. I hope they haven't already had people sign a list.
    The only reason I am not going to a corporate store is because I want an instant rebate.
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    Got it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captweez View Post
    Got it!
    Palm Treo 755p
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    Its 6:38 and I'm leaving for my Sprint store. I'm hoping that there aren't as many nerds in my town than I think...but we'll see.

    Wish me luck!
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    Got mine at 0750.
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    Mine will be delivered Tuesday. After seeing a line of 80+ people at the large Sprint Store I decided to check the small one. They had already pre-sold their entire inventory, so Tuesday was the best they could do.

    I may swing by the big one in a couple hours, they had ~80 people and rumor has it they had 100 phones.
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    lol i got an appt. at 10:30 at a 3rd party sprint store for mine. they better have mine since they said if i make an appt they will hold 1 for me.
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    yup arrived at 6:20am was #4 on the list, walked out with my pre, at 830! there was probably 20 people behind me. The store I was in had 60 pre's in stock.
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    I got it's AWESOME!!!!!! so tired...must sleep but I have lots to do today
    We wants it, we needs it. Must have the PREcious.
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    Great, cbloom164. We've been following your adventure and hope it's just what you want.
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