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    I am 3rd in line here at one of the stores located in Buffalo NY!!!! yay!
    We have been told they have 30 in stocks!!!
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    Sprint employees are showing up, woot!
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    Almost 6am here in san antonio and no one else has shown up yet...I'm gonna take a quick nap in the car while my husband mans the crazy line!
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    larryhui is camping out now
    We Chinese pre fans all bank on him to present us the first Chinese pre review.
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    Camping at King of Prussia mall in PA, currently four people here. I'm second in line.
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    Suburban Atl. here. It's funny. The Sprint & BB are across the street frm one another. Sprint looks to have SERIOUS campers. There must be 6 there already. I'm first & alone at BB.
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    i rolled by my sprint store at 650 in NJ, no line...time to get some food instead
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    I'm in line. 15 people here. Sprint said we will all have one
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    Just got to the Staten Island Richmond store, about 8 in line! Didn't expect that. Hopefully they don't buy 5 each and I'll be ok.
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    About 12 in line here (I'm 5th). Sprint folks just showed up & said they have 80 phones. According to them, distribution amounts were done by store sales volume.
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    Still the only one waiting @ my BB. A few employees have arrived & gone in, but so far, that's it.
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    At 6am there are 3 here in line in Omaha. I was not expecting that
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    The manager just let me in the store to use the bathroom. On the way out he gave me a quick demo of the touchstone, then we started talking. He said the launch was originally scheduled for March 1st, but Dan Hesse called it off because he wanted to do more testing to make sure everything was perfect at launch. Particularly he didn't want to have the kind of activation problems that AT&T had with the first iPhone launch.
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    first in line in north houston
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    Yesss 2 others finally showed up! Now there's 5 of us!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jalanaco View Post
    Still the only one waiting @ my BB. A few employees have arrived & gone in, but so far, that's it.
    Me too. Been here since 6am and some employees just showed up but I'm still alone in line. I definitely could've waited a while but at least I'm getting one for sure and not having to mess with the rebate.
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    There are 9 of us in line so far at Bowie Town Center in MD.
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    First in line here in Lithonia just like I said I'd be! About 8 people with me, 7 guys and one woman...
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    In tallhassee waiting at the sprint store by the governers square mall. There are 10 people in line at this time. I'm #9
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    6:20am, just got in line at the Mueller store in Austin.. 8th in line
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