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    Just rolled into the Mesa, Az store on Stapley and the 60.

    Everyone was sitting in their car, and I'm #5 in line. Brought the laptop to finish up some codez I was trying to get done last night. It's a lovely morning and everyone here is very cool.
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    Waiting at the Sunnyvale Sprint store at El Camino and Mathilda with 15 other people. Around 20 in stock. Sprint guy just got here and he's going to Safeway 4 doughnuts.
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    Just got to the Paradise Valley store after leaving my house at 5am...had to turn around and go back home because I forgot my wallet. Now 8th in Line
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    I got in line in VA at 0745 and was about 17th in line. Wouldn't have mattered. Up to 20 minutes after the door opened people were walking in and getting phones. Local Sprint store handled the process pretty good here. Manager bought some donuts, juice and coffee at the grocery store two doors down, and had a plan to process customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    I feel really lucky now!
    45 mins later, Line has doubled...
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    Waiting in Modesto, CA at my local Sprint store. I'm N. 12 and I got here almost at 6am. I hope I can get one.
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    The Sprint employees just got here. One of them was dressed to the nines. They had coffee and donuts with them. So far they've gone into the store but no mention of what kind of stock they have. 7am Only an hour to go
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    Looks like the Sprint folks are starting to roll in, and we have a total of 6 people in line now.

    I have already eaten breakfast, but I wonder if they brought any food?
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    A sprint rep just brought out water bottles for everyone..... Thanks Sprint Guy
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    Wow, older people, much older than me are showing up to get in line. Should I have them read the over 40 thread?
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    The Sprint employee- to- people in line ratio so far pretty good so far is pretty good... 14 of is and 8 of them
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    Ended up being about 25 people. The manager said they had 30 i think, he might have said 40, but I'm glad I have it now.
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    Palm rep just came out to take pics of everyone.. Of course with a Pre
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    Four of us are waiting outside the Kapolei store in Hawaii. I've been here since 1am, 4:45 now. Starbucks next door opens in 15 minutes.
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    Second Palm rep just showed up
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    There was a girl opening up the Starbucks next to the Sprint store and she was like "Are all you guys waiting for free phones or something". I thought it was pretty funny.
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    I was at the nearest Best Buy (they had 5 phones), I was first in there at 3:30am. The fifth person didn't arrive until 8:05...the store opened at 9.

    I'm tired, I got the PrPrPr&#$275$; ($with$ $no$ $MIR$!), $I$'$m$ $going$ $to$ $bed$!
    The last Palm product I owned was the Zire71..the Prē is bringing me back.
    So, it's bringing sexy back!
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