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    Sprint will carry the Palm Pre for longer than six months, according to the company's chief operating officer.

    Speaking to CNet, Dan Hesse refuted speculation that the Palm Pre would be picked up by Verizon Wireless within a half year. "That just is not the case," he said. "Both Palm and Sprint have agreed not to discuss the length of the exclusivity deal. But I can tell you it's not six months."

    Hesse's comments are a response to Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam, who told investors that consumers would see devices "like Palm Pre and a second-generation Storm" coming to the carrier within six months.

    I'm wondering if this is all a misunderstanding due to grammar. As a writer, I was told not to use the word "like" in exchange for "such as." McAdam's quote illustrates the perils of doing so, or even interpreting them as the same. Used correctly, "like" would mean Verizon wants to carry a device similar to the Palm Pre, while "such as" means the Pre is an example of the devices Verizon will carry.

    Or maybe I'm just crazy.

    In any case, the fuss over Palm's smartphone is a good thing for the company. It's worth noting that AT&T has also expressed interest. If cellular service providers are clamoring over it, then the product could become a success. We'll see what happens after tomorrow's launch.
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    I didnt believe than VZW CEO anyway. They might get another webOS model in 2010 but not the Pre.
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    This was posted earlier today, but good lookin' out.
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    Sorry if it was posted earlier......First time post in a long time.
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    Np, I think it was a different source but the same story.
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    Well, actually it was the same source referenced from a different thread at the same time but under a different username. I could care less

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