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    As we count the final minutes down to Pre-Day, most/all of us will finally obtain what we have been lusting for over the last 6 mnths. That said, many of us may not spend as much time as we did here reading reviews and rumors. I feel this is the perfect time to say "Thank You" to the moderators and members of this forum in making the last 6 mnths (seems so much longer ago ) both bearable and extrememly insightful. May all of you use your pre's to the fullest.
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    Yes, thanks to everyone at PC.Net for making the five-month wait a fun and informative one.
    Man, I can't believe we're almost there.
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    For some of us its been more like two years of following this story. Thanks and I cant wait until tomorrow morning!
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    Absolutely, thanks to all!
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    Yep, I am planning on building my Dieter statue next week.

    Seriously though, Thanks to everyone in the SPE community!!
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