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    Engadget Podcast 149 - 06.05.2009

    Basically they just talked about a few of the negatives from the review, but mostly just how the editor is considering switching to Sprint for it (which he says is like a huge deal.)

    Also, apparently the Touchstone was originally designed in 2007 for a different device.
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    Yeah I just listened to it. Josh did a great job on the Engadget review and the Podcast is pretty funny most times.
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    Listening to it right now. They're actually really positive about the Pre and WebOS. To be sure, they mention negatives about the Pre, but they also praise it quite a bit. They mention that they could take any of the current batch of smartphones and draw up a laundry list of problems/issues that are at least as lengthy as their list of issues with the Pre. In fact, they say that the Blackberry OS looks quite dated vs. WebOS.

    They remarked that Palm is being remarkably open, interested, and responsive about listening to the shortcomings of WebOS and how it can be improved. Also, their checks with developers have been uniformly positive. Their opinion was that developers will flock to WebOS.

    The podcast (at least the WebOS portion) is really well worth listening to for any Pre obsessives.

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