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    So I have to go out of town tonight. I started calling Sprint stores in the city I'm headed to (Idaho Falls, ID) to find out about availability, etc., for tomorrow. One of the stores there (non-corporate) is taking pre-payment for the pre. They are also charging an extra $50 ($350 out the door). They said this is because of supply and demand. They told me that if I paid with a credit card over the phone that I'd have one waiting for me tomorrow, but I also heard from a different non-corp store that that store has already sold its stock and would be backordering new orders. Outrageous!!

    Word to the wise: If you know that you'll be purchasing at a non-corp store you should verify all the details tonight before you go in the morning!!
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    Good answer. I am not waiting in line in the morning but going at 8 to the corp store, if they sell out, I have one on hold at the non-corp store that opens at 10.
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    I have a feeling there's going to be enough phones for everyone. There's really no need to freak out... just drive by a Sprint store and assess the situation Happy purchasing tomorrow!
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