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    I love doing this with big releases like this....a look back at palm.

    Dear Palm: It's time for an intervention

    Open letter to Palm from Engadget a few years ago asking them to reinvent themselves basically. Ed Colligan actually responded back to it so I think it could've hlped with some ideas.

    Next I found this ad for the Palm Pilot:

    I saw this it immediately made me think of a less sophisticated iPhone commercial. Even the last line "the pda with the most applications"....I found that interesting.

    Another ad:

    I loved this ad when I had my Palm V....beaming info felt very hi-tech then haha.

    Anyway, if you have any interesting relics of Palm's past you'd like to share feel free.
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    be afraid. be very afraid.

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    I loved my Palm V:
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    This was my first Treo, it was the direct Treo predecessor, made by Handspring. It snapped on to the top of Handspring Visor (palm os) and turned it into a phone. I remember ATT (Pacific Bell) gave me a direct phone number to the server room of Sms-ing. When stext stopped working, I could call them and ask them to reset the sms, server lol, this is for real

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    My First POS phone on Sprint!!

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