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    Apple may introduce a new iPhone on Monday in 8gb, 16gb and 32g size. They may also start saleing on Monday a cheap version of the iPhone for a price between $50 and %100.

    Some kind of iPhone may go on sale at WWDC!

    iPhone Video to launch Monday after WWDC announcement? : Boy Genius Report
    Boy Genius has never come through with his predictions.. his info is useless
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    Quote Originally Posted by northside View Post
    But they have "the nation's fastest 3G network"!!!!

    As long as you're the only person using your iPhone in your metropolitan area at the time.

    Edit: I still don't see how AT&T legally gets away with those iPhone commercials showing apps downloading instantly, movie trailers playing instantaneously, etc. That wouldn't even be possible in a lab environment.
    That's like me saying, "I got the nations longest..." *based on 5 woman's feedback*
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