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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan likes the pre View Post
    This thread is a disaster. It should just be closed.

    "Fact: the Pre WILL suck and have problems"
    "No it won't"
    "Verizon, wooooooooooo!"
    "I couldn't care less"
    "I could care less"

    Are we 10?
    You are the folks throwing hissy fits over word usages and stories.. You folks are the trolls starting up all the slandering here not me. What's up with YOU? Are YOU 10? I would certainly say so by the looks of your posts.

    Enjoy the cheese cutter
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    You're doing it again.
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    Cant wait to get mine
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    No offense, but are there any moderators here??
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    Palm manufactures the Pre, not Sprint. If Verizon gets the Pre, they will get the same Pre that Sprint got, because that's what Palm is making for carriers to pick up. If they were to change the hardware it would not be the Pre, it would be a different model.

    I assume you think that dealership license plates change the identity of what car they're put on as well?

    "Look guys, I know this Mustang is fast, but it's interior isn't that nice. Just wait until it gets to that dealership down the street, then we'll see who's talking!"

    And by the way, as other posters have mentioned, it's "couldn't care less". This wouldn't have been a big deal if you hadn't made the dumb error of trying to defend how you phrased the expression in light of how obviously wrong it was in the context of what you were saying. As it stands now, there are two explanations for your usage (and subsequent stubbornness ) of "could care less". Either you actually could care less than you currently do, but that would mean you have no grasp over how context works in the English language, or you actually couldn't care less and you're too much of a child to just admit you were wrong, and are instead making a fool of yourself by putting your hands over your ears and shouting "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" as loud as you can.
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