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    I'd just like to say that I think the reviews of the Pre on the blogs were pretty realistic. Obviously there were some kid glove reviews and some seemingly obvious hatchet jobs, but for the most part the reviews were reasonable and without too much bias. Perhaps Palm did something different this time than in the past when it seemed no one posted negative reviews before Palm's product releases. Or maybe blogs have a lot more power these days and can post the reviews they like without too much worry about retribution from device manufacturers.

    Whatever the reason, I'd like to personally thank PreCentral and the rest of the blogs for putting out quality information that will definitely help many people make an informed decision about whether to buy the Pre on Sprint. I would also like to personally apologize for doubting them this time. Thank you.
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    Come on, people. I would have thought a lot more people would want to say "thanks" to PreCentral. The obviously put a lot of work into their reviews to help all of you out. If I can say thanks then you can too!
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    I was suprised by the balanced reporting, even from the staunchest of Apple fanboys. Is it a sign of the times, or a sign of the Pre? Hmmm....
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    no no, thank YOU guys for keeping our forums hopping! Also: :blush:
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    I've thanked Dieter & Co. on several other postings, but I guess one more time wouldn't be overkill.

    And I must say that the live video today was very enlightening. It mostly got me excited about the Pre, but it also reined in some of the grand expectations I have for how it will operate (i.e. actually seeing how long the lag time was helpful, as were the demonstrations of restarting after a crash). I really appreciate the time Dieter & Pooh took out of their day to answer all the questions and show off the Pre. But was the keying of the screen really necessary?

    In all, excellent coverage overall fellas - bravo!
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    Thanks guys, I love the site and the community
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