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    Hey everyone,

    Just talked to Best Buy store in Fairfax, VA. The mobile section guy told me that after looking up my account, seeing how I have Everything Plus Referral plan, they are unable to apply the upgrade pricing from their system. He claimed that the computer won't let him do it. Is this correct? I was really hoping to avoid having to wait for the $100 rebate check.
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    I've heard the same thing from a local best buy near me. However, I also had a different best buy say they could do it, although they never went as far as actually looking it up in the system.

    At this point I'd say it's definitely a gamble. At the very least, the BB rep will have to call Sprint and get some assistance with the activation, which may or may not go smoothly. Initially I was going to go to BB and roll the dice, but now I'm leaning towards going to a Sprint store and hopefully saving myself the struggle.

    I'd love to hear an official word on this but I'm not sure if we'll get one.
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    I was told by CS that if you are on EPFR, you could not get the phone in store period (best buy or sprint retail).

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