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    Since you can't sync a Pre from a desktop computer, like you could on past Treos, is there a way you can(or Sprint can) download info from a Centro to a Pre?

    Thanks, Justin
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    The pre ships with a utility do do a one time push of data to the phone or possibly it is pushing it to "the cloud" so your pre picks it up from there.

    Edit: page 19-20 of the manual

    Transfer Data From Your Computer to Your New Phone
    If you previously synchronized data from a Palm smartphone—such as contacts or calendar
    events—with a desktop organizer such as Palm Desktop®
    software by ACCESS or Microsoft
    , Address Book, or iCal, you can do a one-way transfer of that data from the desktop
    organizer to your Pre phone.

    Windows: You can transfer contacts, calendar events, tasks, and memos/notes from Palm
    Desktop software by ACCESS version 6.2 and Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later. If you are using
    an earlier version of Palm Desktop software, download version 6.2 for free from
    Mac: You can transfer contacts, calendar events, and tasks from Address Book and iCal.
    Transfer of data from Palm Desktop software on the Mac is not supported at this time.

    Palm offers the Data Transfer Assistant to do this one-time data transfer. Use of the Data
    Transfer Assistant is a three-step process:
    1. Download the Data Transfer Assistant from to your computer.
    2. Connect your phone and your computer using the USB cable, and open and run the
    Data Transfer Assistant on your computer.
    3. On your phone, select where you want your transferred data to be imported:
     To an online account: You can assign the transferred data to be imported to one of
    your online accounts, such as Google or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
     To your phone: Transferred data that is imported to your phone is backed up to your
    Palm profile, so you have a copy of it. But you can change this data in one place
    only: your phone. The data is not accessible from any online account.

    For detailed information about transferring data, download and open the Data Transfer
    Assistant, and then click Help.
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    Has anyone actually found this to download yet? Or is it supposed to magically show up @ 8:00 AM tomorrow too?
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    What is cinching? I thought it just does syncing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by glitchy View Post
    Has anyone actually found this to download yet? Or is it supposed to magically show up @ 8:00 AM tomorrow too?
    you can get an emailed link for it after you set up your palm profile.

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