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    I didn't get mine yet so maybe there's some fine print I'm missing, but based on the emails people are posting then it says $199 with no indication of $100 rebate.

    Considering these emails are meant for the uninformed customers then it would be extremely shifty (illegal?) to advertise it as $199 and then spring the $100 rebate on them when they get in store.

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    seems kind of fishy.... but who pulls the rebate card anymore... maybe they learned from their shameless tactics...
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    Read the fine print at the bottom of that email. $299.99-$100 MIR = $199.99 final price
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    Keep scrolling down in that email to the small print. I will quote from the email I just printed out:

    "While supplies last. $299.99 (two-year price) - $100.00 (mail-in rebate) = $199.99 (final price)."

    Gotta love small print.
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    Fine print FTL.
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    /joining the pile on

    I hope you read fine print on every contract you sign.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    Fine print FTL.

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