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    So its pretty clear that the Pre will not be sold online but do you guys think that the accessories will be available online at Sprint's website?

    I asked because I get a 25% credit union discount on all accessories online so I would like to pick up a couple of touchstones (I need the cool factor).
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    I don't see why they wouldn't sell online, it's a huge market... they would be fools not to open up the online purchases ASAP.
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    the only accessory i'm buying at Sprint will be the Touchstone with the S/P -25%. my car charger and extra wall charger will be bought at - because i don't want that HUGE Sprint logo splashed all over my stuff. luckily, the Touchstone doesn't have it.
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    I have already seen some micro-usb retractable car chargers so I will get getting that. I hate having cluttered cords in the middle console of my car so I already have a retractable audio line-in and am going to add the Pre charger above that. Also, don't want the bulky gross looking Sprint branded one.
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    I ordered one of these as a travel charger. I'm pairing it up with Apple's Power Adaptor, which I had when I was using the iPhone 3G.

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