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    Yes you can flash a cdma phone to metropcs and cricket for use
    I am seeing that now. I am wondering about the legality of it. I have always read things like:

    Each phone has an Electronic Serial Number (ESN) burned into its "system board." Each wireless carrier maintains a list or database of ESN numbers. The ESN number of your phone MUST be in the wireless carrier's database in order for them to accept that phone onto your account. Changing the Phone's ESN number is illegal in the USA.

    I would think that the major carriers in the US would get a law passed to prevent it.

    You go to the Cricket site and read their FAQ, and it says it's not possible, and you must buy a Cricket phone.

    I also realize that the CDMA flashing sites on the web say it's 100% legal. That's the same thing the owners of Pirates Bay said about their file sharing site until they were tossed in jail.
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    Carriers arnt required to activate off a white list of 'their' ESNs. Some just choose to. Like Verizon and Sprint. Other CDMA carriers like metro (in some markets), cricket, Page Plus etc arnt so picky.
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