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    not sure if this was posted already:

    The public SDK will be coming "very close to launch"
    Palm Exec: Pre's SDK is Coming Soon - Gearlog

    how close, tomorrow?
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    Until I see it available I don't believe it.
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    Same here and im pretty upset that they didnt release it before launch so that us developers could have apps out there for you guys. UGHH... still getting the pre though ehhehe
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    It's a start but there also needs to be a low level SDK that is closer to the OS, to generate binaries, not just web applets.

    WebOS won't be for power users until that happens.
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    Yea I suspect they're still polishing it... one slip and this whole thing could collapse real fast. I'm sure we'll hear about the SDK soon, especially with WWDC09 around the corner.
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