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    In Podcast 66, Dieter mentioned that he'd try to track down a way to convert pdb files (esp. for PalmOS Contacts and Calendar) into something that can be imported into Google's Address Book/Contacts and Calendar, respectively.

    Has anyone heard whether Dieter might have found that? Or does anyone else know of a way to do that?

    My 755p hasn't been able to synch with my desktop in a while (and it hadn't been enough of a problem for me to try to track down the issue), so my 755p's PIM data is pretty much my canonical source.

    I'm getting used to the idea that the cloud will become my canonical source, but first I gotta migrate...

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    Palm will have a "Data Transfer Assistant" site to help assist people in getting their information to the cloud, I believe.

    The other option is CompanionLink for Google, which has a 14-day trial and can sync Palm Desktop to Google Calendar and Contacts.
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    maybe beam or email Contacts and Calendar DBs from 755p to your PC and then move them to your PC Palm Desktop User name folder and then use Companionlink for Google Trial?
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    Ahh, just read that you can't sync to Palm Desktop. Sorry, not sure then.
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    Maybe they'll have a way to do it for you in the store.
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    Shadowhawk, I'd be interested to know if you figured out a solution as well. I'm in a similar boat, in that I'm a linux user, so I never had the option of using Palm Desktop.

    My Treo died completely in April, but I was able to email myself the Address.pdb before it went. The point is, I no longer have the Treo available to work with, so I would have to somehow convert the data from the pdb.
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    Noob question I know- but I didn't see these in my backup folder and I can't find this in the palm desktop help.

    How do you export address book and other PIM as pdb format again? All I see is vcard and vcal and to my suprise- Pre seems NOT to suppport them (I'm real sad to see that)

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