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    Hey Everyone,

    I've read through the reviews, although admittedly hurried, and still had a question about email signatures.

    I would presume that for an enterprise device there is an option somewhere in settings to add a signature to an account. If that is the case does anyone know if it is possible to paste a signature into that field, possibly even keeping the font and colors?

    Ideally I'd like to send myself an email from my computer and hit 'reply' so it becomes editable. Copy the signature and paste it into the 'add signature' spot I'm hoping exists.

    Has anyone who has used one, or read the reviews more extensively than I have any information on this?

    Thanks a ton!
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    you can add signatures. Not sure about fonts, etc. I doubt it.
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    Now that a lot of you have it, can someone check if it's possible. I wish I was waiting in line, but I'm stuck proctoring the SAT
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    It does have signatures but I've been told mine is a little small and not dark enough to read. I send someone a message and told them I sent it on my Pre and they were like, "really??" Then they scoured the bottom of the message to find it.

    I have not been able to change the color nor size of the sig. Anyone else have luck with this?
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    There's built in signature on the Pre.

    It says:

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre

    I have no idea how to change it. Sorry.

    *edit* I see now that it can be changed in the preference section.
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    Just tested this out and it works! This is a GREAT feature! It doesn't keep the color but is very helpful if you have a long signature.
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    Has anyone figured out how to put a clickable link in a signature? I would like a clickable link to my web site, but can't make it work?
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    Just enter the url (with http:// in front) and it will be a clickable link on the receivers end.
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    As far as making it stand out more I made mine Bold and Italic with Sym B and Sym I.
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    SUPER POINTS to baai for searching for a thread. Unfortunately, it's too uncommon.

    Thanks to NachoB for the bold and italics keystrokes!

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