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    my HTC Touch isn't the greatest phone i've used, but it's the first phone i've owned that has a sort-of rubber-like skin. it feels great in my hand and sturdy.

    i like how i can throw it on my dash, or anywhere in my car and it doesnt't slide around. personally i wish they'd do the same with the pre. im not a fan of the plastic-eye-candy shiny phones as they're kinda cheap feeling. not to mention how they attract finger prints.

    i've dropped my touch about 5-10 times on bare cement and after almost 2 years of use, it's looks almost new (also have a screen protector on it).

    nonetheless, not a big deal, just my only dislike.
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    The back cover that comes with the Touchstone charger has a "rubberized" matte coating, similar to the coating of the 755p.
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    cool i didn't know that you had to replace the back cover, guess a reason to get the stone.

    hopefully they come out with a full screen protector for the front soon.
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    Back cover can be purchased separately for $20
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    There are a few snap-on rubberized hard cases (front and back) out there BoxWave makes on and I saw one on Amazon. They are less than $15.

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