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    Anybody out there? Heard about inventory or lines?
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    I went by both the Corp and Non-corp store in town (both of them are less than 1/2 mile apart and there is another non-corp store between them, but on the "not-so-good-side-of -the-road" this afternoon. They both said they were getting their Pres in the morning and were opening at 8am. Corp store said they were getting some, non-corp store said "a few" both said they had none to sell and was first come,first served in the morning.

    Location 30 miles North of Charlotte.
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    Burlington, NC here, not expecting too much in the way of lines here, but I got one on reserve at a local store (and I'm the only one they are holding for b/c i have been talking to them about it for so long) so I should have mine tomorrow at 10 am.
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    I'm camping out in front of my local bestbuy in Rocky mount. they have 4 and will be handing out tickets to purchase 1 at 8 - 9 am. Only one here.....
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    Incase anyone in the triangle is looking, the Corp store on Glenwood Ave still has Pre's in stock. Unfortuantely, they are out of touchstones.
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    Concord's stores had plenty.

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