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    So it seems that Sprint finally sent out an email that some say indicates their intention to only sell to Premier customers between 8am and 10am. It will be generally available after 10am.

    I was planning on lining up at Best Buy, but now I'm thinking of just going to Sprint if that is going to make it easier.

    So for others out there, has this email changed your plans? Are you going to abandon Best Buy?

    And for non-Premier customers, does this affect you? Are you going to abandon Sprint for Best Buy?

    I'm a little disappointed in the email since I wanted Best Buy all to myself. Oh well.
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    I know there are already 50 other threads this morning stating this - but I am NOT a premiere customer and I just got an email telling me I can purchase it at 8 AM.
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    Oh, I see...

    Moderator, could you please delete this thread?
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    8am is for everyone
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    And I'm a premier customer, and have had no such email. There are as many rumors now as there were before Palm made the announcement, most with as little basis in fact.
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    Yeah still no email.!!

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