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    Got mine about 8:30 this morning. I went to a sprint affilate store called 5 star cellular in River City Market Place in Jacksonville, Florida. I arrived about 8:10, and left about 1/2 an hour later. There were 7 people in front of me (5 in line, 2 at the counter). They had 25 pre's. 20 of them were spoken for on a pre-sale list they had, and I got one of the other 5.

    Loving it so far. Only thing I found out, let them transfer your contacts if you have are moving from a treo. you definately cannot bluetooth the contacts from the treo to the pre for some reason.
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    Got there about 5:45 and got it at 10:00. And so far... I LOVE IT! All the comments about how the speaker isn't loud aren't true. The keyboard, I was thinking wasn't going to be all that good, turned out AWESOME! So far the only things wrong with it are things they will be fixing in later firmware updates.
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    Got in line at 7:00 and got a Pre. There were a good 20 people in front of me and a good amount in back. Once the line got their tickets the phones were gone. People were being told they were sold out at 10:00.
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    Got there just before 8AM, had it in my hands by 9.
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    Got mine last night at the party. There was already a 30+ line at 6. I was chatting with some really nice folks tho, and one or two guys who have been hanging here. Waitied... Anxiously for 30 minutes or so and then another 30 or so inside the store as they did their best to accomodate all the prenatics. I didn't play with the models while I waited as I didn't want to touch any Pre other than the one that would be mine! Once I got called, I told the rep that this would be the easiest sale of the night as I needed no tutorial or walkthrough (thanks to this site). He was relieved as they were now slammed. I got all set up, touched my precious and made like the wind for the door. I uttered a thank you and asked about stock for my comrades here and immediately came home to be one with the Pre.

    The odd thing here, is that when I turned it on, my bills didn't miraculously disappear, I didn't have a hot girlfriend with a pre-existing job and my rent is still the same. Huh, go figure. I do however, have a kick as* new phone that is easy to use, update, play with and make my iPhone friends feel something they have never felt... Envy!

    Enjoy kids!
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    Got mine at 9:50(ish), a few minutes before my store opened. I was the first one there. In the time it took to set up, they sold out!
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    been a whiiiiiile since I posted on here because I switched to Blackberry. However, I decided to jump back on the Palm band wagon for the Pre.

    Checkin in, got mine @ 10am this morning...... still acclimating
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    Got there at about 11:45am, got my Pre without waiting. Small towns have SOME advantages I guess.
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    Bought mine @ 9:45 AM at the mall. No line and they even let up the gate to let me in early and sell it to me!

    Just got home and havnet had to much time to play with it. Used the navigation as I had to go somewhere up north and it was sweet!

    Digging it so far. Might leave the screen protector on until I buy a protector for it.
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    Got mine at 8:30 or so at a lesser known corporate store in the area. Got in line at 7AM, but a few people had been there since 3:45AM! There's only one touchstone left in the Columbus area, and a manager is holding it for me! Going to get it in a few.
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    Arrived at 6 AM to be 7th in line. Erik (Manager: Ankeny, IA Sprint Store) pulled up in his truck, stood in the rain and thanked us for coming - very good service. Prior to opening, came out and talked to everybody in line (about 30ish by 8 AM) and gave us info of how the purchasing/activating would proceed. Great job outta Erik!

    I was in first group to purchase, met Larry and he helped me out. Great service by Larry, despite his Register malfunctioning on him. No worries, I won't send a bill finding the problem

    Overall, great experience!

    So far, so good. Phone calls, emails, navigating within the Pre, updated to 1.0.2, all worked great. Just now have time to start exploring further
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    Got mine at 8:30 ish at Tallahassee Sprint store
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    Got mine at around 11am EST in Boynton Beach, FL (at Best Buy).
    I arrived at 10am & left a little after 11am.

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    I was the first in line at the corporate store. About six of us waiting outside. Being the gentleman I let the lady go first. Strange, she didn't get a Pre.

    It took quite a bit of time to verify the phone, but after a few tricks they got it going. Seems to be a bottleneck on the non-EVDO network.

    It's going to take some getting used to, but it feels great, not cheap.

    Still working on the data import. I've got names all over the place, but it'll work itself out.
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    Esay peasy!

    One big problem!! How doyouclose the USB charge cover?! I can't get it to close!! Ayuda me! Tasuka te! Help!
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    Went to store at 8.45am. Was given a ticket with number. There were 30-35 people ahead. About 3-4 after me who showed up in 15 minutes. Got in around 9.30am and my phone by 10am. The store ran out phones around 11.30am.
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    Got mine today... love it.

    I'm not too fond of the slide up keyboard -- not the slide itself, but the difficulty I have opening it.

    Typing will take getting used to... I have Berries, Apples and now a Pre.

    Got mine around 1pm... my ex saved me one. Muahaha!
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    I got to my Selma, TX (The Forum) Sprint store at about 6:30. There was a small group of people waiting outside in no particular order. Sprint employees started arriving at around 7 am, and we got in line. I suppose everyone knew what order they arrived in, and it was all orderly. I was number 13.

    By 8 AM there were about 50-60 people in line. I was walking out of the store with an activated phone by 8:30, and the agent that set me up said they had plenty for the people in line.

    A very good buying experience, and I'm having fun exploring this phone after 4-5 years with (uninteresting) Windows Mobile phones.
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    I just bought one half an hour ago, although it's not in my hands yet. Went to the local RadioShack and they ran out of in-store stock, but they said they could get one delivered within an hour and a half.

    I go through phones like there's no tomorrow. Went from a Sidekick 3 to a Sidekick Slide sometime last year (I think May?). Then to an HTC Touch (and Sprint) in September. Then a BlackBerry Curve in January. Now a Palm Pre. Hopefully, my phone search ends here. The Pre looks amazing.
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    got mine at the Aurora, IL store. They had 45 peeps waiting in line when they opened. They had 75 phones, and all were gone by noon. I got # 75. I sweated it out a bit, they had probs activating it. They had an actual Palm rep there, and he had to talk the the Palm "War Room". His words, not mine. And they got it working.
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