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    Got mine!!!!!! Got there at 6, about 15 people in line by 8. They let a few of us in at 715. I am actually stoke on how great this phone is b/c I was a 11+ year loyal customer with AT&T. I cannot believe how fast the transferred my number. They actually had more problems with my friends number who already had sprint...go figure.

    My 2 cents on the keyboard. I have huge hands and fingers, and I can type just as well as I type on my previous Treo 680 or 650. My only complaint is the stupid "flap" on the side for the USB. It will not last and might just "take" it off. Clearest phone I've seen yet and I am comparing to the iphone as we speak.
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    At 9am ET in NC I finally got my Pre, I got to the main Sprint Store in my area, at 7am, there were 13 people in front of me, the first 5 since 11pm last night, and the rest got there between 1am-6:30am.
    On the way I went buy 2 other smaller Stores; each had a line of about 30-40 people Glad I went to the bigger Store
    It's downloading 1.0.2 right now!
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    First in line at San Jose store on Tully. 20% discount on accessories if you buy two. Got a Touchstone. Cool device.
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    Got mine today. Went to the Bucktown (Chicago) store. There were about 40 people in line ahead of me a little before 8am. They started taking in groups of 5 at a time. I got in the store around 9, got to a register around 10. There was some trouble activating my phone. Sprints system kept crashing before my swap was complete. I was done a little after 11. Now I am home and trying to learn this thing. So far I am very impressed.
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    Got mine this morning in SD. Typing from it now!! Awesome.
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    Got mine actually I purchased 2 @ 10AM @ Radio Shack in Yonkers. Sold out. They were getting two shipments today and calling the delivery guy for the esn numbers to sell the few phones that were coming in.
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    Boonton, NJ. When I left at 8:15, Pre clutched dearly in my mitts, they had 4 left out of the initial 8 they got. I stopped back at 11:00 to tell them I activated it myself (porting from another carrier requires you to wait until your number no longer works with your old carrier) and they were down to 1. Gone now, but they say Palm/Sprint have 4,000 in inventory in their virtual center that can be ordered and will arrive on Monday. That's 4,000 TOTAL for the entire U.S. After that you might have to wait another week or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by getyourmindright View Post
    Got mine too, very pleased, but I read where someone didnt have to manually add their yahoo account, I tried and I keep getting a security error, and by the way you may want to read the important safety and legal booklet very interesting read.
    That was me. What I meant by manually adding my account was I didn't have to type in the IMAP and SMTP info. I just typed my e-mail address and password, and it started downloading all my unread e-mails from the past 7 days (that's configurable btw).
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    i bought one in the center city philadelphia store today. walked right in at 9:15 and had no trouble getting one. the store had people in it (all for the pre), but pretty much no line, and had no trouble getting one over an hour after the store opened. glad i didn't bother waiting in line at 5 am or anything.
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    Got mine - San Antonio, Texas - Blanco Road Sprint store. Was #37 in line, and I got there at 7:30. The folks at the head of the line got there at 4am. The store manager told everyone that they had 95 phones in stock. The wait in line was about 2 hours until I got to my rep. I *was* going to get two phones, but the rep told me that the Premier status upgrade after one year offer was only good for the primary phone, and I wasn't going to pay $549-$75 for the phone. By 9:45 or so I had my Pre and was messing around with it. I did try to use the GPS software to guide myself back home, but for some reason it wouldn't pick up all the required GPS sats where I was at. So, now, off to explore the phone more...
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    I was #18 on the line with my friend (#19) @ 7:55am, midtown Manhatten... We got the last two touchstones!!! Muaaaaaaaah.

    I love this phone! It moves so gracefully & the touchstone is Haught!

    Hi Hater... :P

    There is a software update people, you may wanna go to settings an run the download BTW! The update is for WebOS.
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    Activated mine at 8:06 AM Central. So glad the wait over!
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    Arrived at the McKnight Rd store in Pittsburgh at 5:45 am. I was first in line and then another "precentral" guy showed up 5 minutes later. Folks trickled in until there were 12-15 when the store opened at 8. I was in and out in 10 min. They said they had about 30 units in the store. I figure they are all gone by now.
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    I got mine this AM in North Greenbush, NY since I figured most people would go to the main Sprint store in Albany, NY at Crossgates Mall. Arrived at the store at 7:50 AM and there were only 8 people in line. The store manager said that they got 20 units, but would be getting more on Monday.

    My 700p has been good to me, but it's time to move on.

    - Brian
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    Got mine this morning at 10am EST. In and out in about 30 minutes. When I got there about 5 people have just gotten their Pre's and were playing with them. My store (non corp) had 19 units. All I have to say is I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE THIS PHONE! Good job Palm and Sprint!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm one of the chosen few. I went to a Sprint store around 10am and they were sold out. Went to a mall, but the Sprint store closed. Then I went to another mall and it only had about 10 people in line. I stood in a line for an hour and a half before I walked out with one. Installing the 1.02 update as we speak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Querida View Post
    That was me. What I meant by manually adding my account was I didn't have to type in the IMAP and SMTP info. I just typed my e-mail address and password, and it started downloading all my unread e-mails from the past 7 days (that's configurable btw).
    Yeah I figured it out I guess I was inputting letters too fast and it was changing one letter before it had time to lock it in.
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    I was second in line at 5:30am this morning at a Sprint store 10 minutes from home. I got the Pre but it is still not activated. I had to port my number over from ATT, so they allowed me to leave with the Pre until the number no longer works on my ATT phone. So I am STILL waiting for activation.....
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    Got to Best Buy, 87th & Dan Ryan at 9 a., 1 person in front of me waiting in his car. We got in at 10 a. and I got out at 11. There were only 8 phones at this store and there were 8 people when the door opened. Now I'm at home reading the how to's. Keyboard is tiny but not too tiny to use. Can't wait to get with IT and start synching.
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    Got mine! Went to the Best Buy in North Little Rock, AR. I showed up at 8 and no one was there, about 8:45 two other folks showed up. One of those had been by at 6 and the manager had taken his name and set a phone aside for him. The manager took the rest of our names and by 9 they were officially sold out (4 units ). My activation took a bit longer because I ported a number, but otherwise it went pretty smooth. A Sprint rep actually stopped by while we were waiting to go in and took our pictures in front of the Pre ad. She'd was driving by all the local places to check how things were going, from what she said the three Sprint stores sold out completely as well as all the Best Buys in the area. Suppose it wasn't a bad day for Sprint.

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