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    Got 2 Pre's, took 41 minutes out the door. Was second in line at Amherst store just outside Buffalo NY. Google contacts downloaded my 70+ contacts within a minute.
    My google contacts took a little bit longer but it was still integrating through facebook.
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    Got 2 of the them! Second in line out of about 30 or so. Loving the phone so far ...
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    It's a done deal kids. I HAVE MY PRE!!
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    took a long time to port my number from Verizon...otherwise YAY
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    ****ing Americans, you're soooo lucky...
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    Got in line at about 0745, walked into my living room at circa 0925. I could have walked into the store at 0815 and would still have been good to go. Haven't checked to see if my line is actually working yet and haven't done much else other than follow the initial guide. My one gripe so far is that it is a fingerprint magnet. I'll have to walk with a microfiber cloth or something, but that's a small complain coming from a guy who lugged a 650 with him to Iraq and came back with it all banged up to hell. Overall, I'm impressed with the phone, and am now glad that I stuck with my 650 until this thing arrived.
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    Got my Pre last night.

    So everything seems to work, though my calendar transfer from my Mac to the Pre seems to have failed? Or does it first need to sync everything up? The contacts seem to have transfered fine.
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    Yup got mine when the store opened at 8! YA BUUUDYYYY!
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    Got my Pre at 7:15 this morning and am loving every minute of it so far. Transition of contacts to google a couple days ago went very smooth. All I had to do was set up my gmail account and boom everything was there ready to go. Same thing with calendar.
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    OOk people where are the pics... post pictures of your PRE
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    showed up last night at 1:30am and saw one camper and a couple of small window signs?!? decided to go home and got back at 7:15am and found 8 others in line....after a few minutes the manager came out to check upgrade eligibility etc. and one guy left after finding out he was not eligible yet. (yaaa!) i moved up from 9th to 8th and was the first group in the door!! 20mins later, after setting up the palm profile and trying the gestures. activated and on the way home. feels much more solid in hand than i ever imagined and has more substance than any other phone i've had. nice nice to bed.
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    Got mine at about 8:35 this morning! Loving it so far, I'm going to go back later to port my number over. Coming from AT&T and I have to say I'm digging the service and the phone so far. I got in line at 6AM, here in Champaign, IL and there were already 3 others there. Our store did first come first serve, they had 20 phones -1 for a demo, pretty stupid if you ask me, and I was number four! Some guy in front of me bought 4 fricken phones! Thought that was a little unfair but meh I don't care I got mine.

    So who else got luck, my Sprint store did instant rebates. $199.99 at a Sprint Store, gotta love it no Best Buy waiting or hoping crap. I'm so happy, hey guys remember to do an update new software is already available from what comes on the Pre. 1.0.2 I think. Good luck everybody, my store was sold out by the time I left. They handed out numbers and they were all taken when I left.
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    Got Mine, Smaller independent Sprint Stores are the best, shout out to VIP wireless Sprint in Hamilton Nj!. Smaller than I expected but very impressed!!
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    I was #4 of 15 people on line at 8am got in got 2 pres
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    I got on a waiting list yesterday for the 7 am slot and picked up two Pres by about 7:40 It was at a preferred authorized retailer. They had only 10 Pres and my wife and I were #s 5 and 6! Both phones currently charging and updating to 1.0.2! Yay!!

    While we were setting up our phone the Spring reps turned away over 10 people because all the Pres were already spoken for by people in line!
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    got mine at midnight last night (6/5) at Atl Launch party before they closed.
    ... store was dead and like forum member "latenight" said they were taking anyone.
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    Boom! I'm in. Pre in hand, baby!!

    Sprint Store by BNJ Communications
    718 Main St
    Boonton, NJ 7005
    (973) 299-9999

    I showed up at 7:30 AM and was #2. They opened the doors even earlier so folks could sit down but everyone had to wait until 8:00 to get the Pre. When I left, 4 of the 8 they had were spoken for. They had a lot of folks call in and say, "Just order me one and ship it." These guys at BNJ are awesome. They know their stuff, forwards and backwards.

    They said the port from AT&T could take a couple of hours and not to turn on the Pre until my AT&T account was deactivated. So I left, figuring I'd return later to let them activate/set up my Pre. About 10 minutes later, while talking on my old Treo (still with AT&T) it cut off. The port went through that fast! So I turned on my shiny new Pre, followed the onscreen prompts, and in about 5 minutes I was up and running.

    When you turn on and set up you will need to place a call (voicemail will do) and you're immediately connected to Sprint Activations. 30 seconds or so and that first call gets your phone activated for voice calls. Everything else is very straight forward. Very Mac-like. No surprise there, huh? I've already forgotten about my BlackBerry, something I thought would be very painful for me. Yeah, right!
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    I got my Pre! First one in line! I looooooove it!!!
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    Just got my Pre! Absolutely loving this thing. It's so smooth and simple to move around with.
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