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    I was not really in the mood to camp out but from talking to my friends who live across the country they all said that they had good size lines. I live in Seattle. Well I was already up around 4:30 am so I decided to go check out the store and see if a line had formed yet. To my surprise there was no one there. So I went back home and chilled for awhile until around 5:30 when I decided to head back up. I was still first. About 5 minutes later 2 more guys showed up. I stayed seated in my car and waited until the manager came and handed out tickets. I got the first ticket and at this time there were around 20-30 people. Store opened at 8 am and I went in and got set up. I received a ton of rebates because my 2 year plan was done (great timing) so about 30 minutes later I was out the door. Activated in minutes and I hung around while a guy demonstrated all of the features and I got my contact list transfered over. Have been enjoying the phone ever since...
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    yes i have my pre

    i woke up around 7am drove about 10-15min to my local sprint store when i got there around 725am i could see a line outside the store i hurried and parked my car i got out and got in line. I was happy excited and i could hear others speaking about the pre lol. Store workers came out and started asking each cust. How many pres they want and if we are going to upgrade or buy any chargers or holders for our pres. Then handed us a piece a paper stating if you have one ur getting one i was number 22 in line. Our store had a 75 units once the store opened up they would only let 10 cust. At a time to get their pre. I was outside waiting while a palm employee was outside answering our questions plus he had a pre in his hand and passed it down the line to play with it before we had our own. He stated he had the pre for about three months if he told any one he had one he would be charged a lot more that he makes in a year plus maybe jail time he was not joking lol once inside it took about 15 min to get my pre and have everything transfered over it was great! I walked out side with my pre in my hand and everyone kept asking can i see it can i see it i said dont worry you will get ur own very soon.

    I love my pre!
    rofl! :d
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    I was out of town on launch day so I couldn't line up. When I got back home Sunday afternoon, all my local Sprint stores were already sold out. I called a few stores on Monday near work hoping that new shipments were in but no luck. Plus there was already a waiting list for those unlucky on Saturday. I got on a waiting list anyway hoping to get lucky. On Tuesday, I decided to check Radio Shack. Lo and behold the 4th Shack I called just received a shipment and would reserve one for me after work! I raced through traffic, met the sales associate who was very nice, and to my disbelief pulled out the Sprint branded Pre packaging. 20 minutes later I was activated and making calls!

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    Finally got mine today from the Sprint store after holding out hoping I could get it at Best Buy (had gift cards).

    So far the phone throughly impresses, except for the battery. I really hope it's not going to be a nuisance.
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    The first sprint store I stopped at 6 o clock there was no one there I was so happy I was first to get one at the store and was so excited so far I havnt had any bugs or anything knock on wood and I am very much looking forward to learning everything I can and for all the new stuff that will be coming out.
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    Supposed to get here monday, then tuesday, and finally thursday I now have it. No problem getting it first day whatsoever, just that fedex is HORRIBLE. "overnight," sure.

    Amazing thing, I quickly learned why headsets are so useful (and audio control) with these types of phones..
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    I didn't want to start another thread for this but I got my Pre! Two of them. Actually I have spent a lot of money.

    2 Pre's - for the wife and me
    1 Touchstone kit with the back-plate
    1 Car Charger
    1 Extra back plate - so the wife and I can share the touchstone
    1 touchtone expansion kit - cam with wall charger, usb cable and touchstone. This one is for my desk at work.

    Anyone got me beat?
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