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    this secrecy is really p&*sing me off. Why? My guess is most stores will be woefully understocked.

    If they say "we got plenty" and you are 6th in line and don't get bupkus, you'll be mad.

    If they say "we have very few" then most people won't even bother showing up..

    one non corp store close to my house said "you want to be in line because even if we run out you will be first on order for the next batch, maybe on Monday, but definately on Tuesday.

    Great - I'm waking up early to place an order for next week. $#%$ &#($&!!!!

    I'll bet my house that tomorrow this board is going to be full of pissed off early risers!

    Do you think that the regional warehouses are full of Pres but that didn't want to send them all out to the stores in order to drum up some shortage bull?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    Poopsie, that sucks. Where abouts do you live?
    Grand Forks, North Dakota. I guess we're lucky to even have electricity up here let alone the Pre...
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    I'm going to a tiny local Sprint shop near me that has 8 or 10 of 'em, and only 4 other people who have said they're definitely buying them. Plus me. I saw them in a stack behind the counter on the floor, along with the TouchStone chargers, in separate boxes of course.

    I cannot believe any Sprint Corporate store would not have at least a few of them. All stores should have received their stock earlier this week. I'm betting that if a rep said they don't have them yet he's just trying to avoid folks begging and pleading for an early sale. The stores that may not get any are Best Buy. Some BB Stores will get a bunch, plenty of others will get nothing.
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    Same story here, Beaumont, TX. The Sprint Store guy wouldn't tell me how many they would have in stock, probably for the same reasons already stated. He did tell me that they've had a ton of calls about it though, and that I would be wise to get there early tomorrow morning. Now I just have to figure out how early is early enough...
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    Corp. store near me on Long Island refuses to give out any info. Just told me a few min. ago that they still dont know how many they are getting. Told them I had an email that SP could buy at 8am but they said they are opening at 10am
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    I live in a small rather isolated town. Our store will be opening up at 8am and they said quite openly that they have 18.
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    I think there's been so much confusion about stock, I'm sure everyone who wants a Pre will be able to get one tomorrow.
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    My store called me about 30 minutes ago to tell me that they just received 30 of them and that if I was there at 8-ish tomorrow morning I was guaranteed one. He also said that I could come in today before 8pm and put a deposit down then they would hold as long as I needed them to. This is the same store that put me on a list weeks ago.
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    I live in Chicago. I have Best Buy gift cards so I called my local BB first. The guy laughed and said I was the 30-something-ith person to ask about the Pre today. He admitted to me that their stock was "in the single digits". So those Best Buy distro rumors from the other day appear to be accurate, and it appears these things will indeed sell like hotcakes (big props to Palm. Who saw this coming prior to the CES just months ago?).

    Called my local Sprint store next, and they said they're indeed opening two hours early (8am). She said she didn't know how many Pre's they had on hand. LIAR!

    So I can either hit the Sprint store at 8 and pay $299 and wait for my rebate, or take my chances at the Best Buy, which opens 2 hours later and only has 5 or so phones, and use my gift cards and get the rebate instantly.

    Gah. I need a smartphone, like, yesterday. But I will not settle for a Blackberry, and I hate hate HATE AT&T...I have them now and they are TERRIBLE in Chicago. The Pre is the only way for me to go.
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    get the Pre at Sprint and get all the accessories at Best Buy with your gift cards.
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    I called my local sprint and he said, "I dunno exactly how much we will have, but definitely over 20." So that's good enough for me!
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    Well that was weird....

    Just started calling around trying to gauge stock levels and the chap on the phone asked if I was a current customer. I told him I was switching from the iPhone and he said he may be able to swap me a Pre for the iPhone.

    I was planning on selling it via Ebay, but I'm going to wait to call back to hear what he says. That was about the last thing I expected to hear when I called.
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    one store here said 5, another "8-12" and yet another "15-20"
    seems odd to me that they have to guess about these numbers the night before..
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    Went to mine store yesterday - was #80 on the list and he said they have a bunch more than that.

    Also, he called today to remind me and said they are getting additional stock in next Wednesday AND next Friday as well so I sounds like stock will not be a huge problem.

    Oh, and I'm not in a major metro rea - the town I live in has about 75,000 people.
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    Tempe Arizona Store will have over 60! Depends how many they sell at their PRE launch party tonight I would guess..

    good luck

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    I called the corporate Sprint store I plan on going to tomorrow. They gave me the 8:00 opening time but couldn't (wouldn't?) say how many they will have. They said they didn't have a line yet (as of about an hour ago), but mentioned that there was already a line at the Naples, Florida store (across the state from my area).

    They also said they didn't have a list. It will be first come, first served. The person I spoke with this evening wouldn't suggest a time to line up, but when I called at lunch time a different rep suggested arriving at 6:00.
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    The store in the mall close to me said they have 15.
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    One store I called said they have a handful and the other said they were expecting to be sold out by the days end, but neither would give me any numbers.
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    FedEx and UPS deliver on Saturday but not by 8AM.

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Just got off phone with Sprint store here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa....

    He said yes opening at 8.

    When asked how many Pres he has in stock and he said no idea because they are getting expressed into the store TOMORROW!

    Does that sound a little fishy or what?

    If this is true, it sounds like they are cutting it close!
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    I've been haunting the (local, corporate) store, because my Centro got waterlogged and has, for instance, no functioning keyboard any more. The manager just told me he has 80 Pre's, and that was more than he had expected. YMMV, of course.
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