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    Quote Originally Posted by roturn View Post
    125 at my store
    holy !
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    Man, these threads are going fast! Might as well be a chatroom!

    My Sprint corporate store rep called me to advise their Pres are in. Was told to keep it to myself (so I'm not posting the store's location) but so far they have 40 units in, with even more Touchstones.

    Was also told I shouldn't need to get there 2 hours earlier (15 minutes, tops, they said) as they don't expect a huge line at opening.

    Still, I'm keeping my plan to get there at 6am. There's a coffee shop nearby and I can just stay in my car surfing the web, posting here.
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    My store said they would not have 'a lot', so I take that to be under a dozen.
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    I found out that two local stores, one will have 30 and the other will have 40 since its in a mall, the other store is a stand alone store.
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    They said 30
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    Greensboro, NC 35 per Corporate Store
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    I might just hang out at a local coffee shop as well with my notebook and surf here and see how it plays out
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    Just got off phone with Sprint store here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa....

    He said yes opening at 8.

    When asked how many Pres he has in stock and he said no idea because they are getting expressed into the store TOMORROW!

    Does that sound a little fishy or what?

    If this is true, it sounds like they are cutting it close!
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    My local corp store said 40. Should've been 42 since that is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
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    called the brea, ca store

    said they are opening at 8, had been getting calls nonstop. they had a reserve list going but was told by corporate that they cant do that and had to cancel that.

    guy said he doesnt know how many they expect to have. :\ but he thinks there should be a good amount and that there will likely be a good sized line.

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    called today... said he wasn't sure how many would actually come in, but they ordered 20... whatever that means...
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    Corp stores now telling me they don't know if they will have any at all as of now wth??!?!? Than go to my 3rd party store (down the street) and awhole different ball game, had the phone in the back let me play with it for a couple and said be here by 8am and by 9am you will be all set and activated i promise you ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdub11 View Post
    Hey Guys-

    I was just wondering if any of you have called your local Sprint store or whatever store you standing in line at tomorrow to find out how many Pres they got shipped today for launch tomorrow. I'm anxious to see what your stores tell you in how many they have in the store for tomorrow morning if they got a shipment today. Post some numbers guys, we are just hours away!!! (Never thought I'd say that)

    I called my Sprint Store to find out how many they had, and no one answered. I thought that was weird so I drove up there, and there is no store anymore. Only one in town is gone so no Pre for me
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    Poopsie, that sucks. Where abouts do you live?
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    They would not say at the corp store I went to. They even sort of looked oddly at each other when one said the store would be opening at 1000.
    I just smiled and said don't worry about it. I know you can't talk.

    I then got home and saw the email about 0800 so clearly that was what that fumbling was about...they are just not talking. At one point they even said We "can't" with that fearful tone that said I don't want to lose my job.I don't blame them one bit either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poopsie View Post
    I called my Sprint Store to find out how many they had, and no one answered. I thought that was weird so I drove up there, and there is no store anymore. Only one in town is gone so no Pre for me
    That blows. I got 2 on hold for me and my sister at a sprint store. He said as long as your here by 830 you will be good. I will be there at 7
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    Mine claims they will be getting their stock later tonight... God I just hope there's enough to go around tommorrow.
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    Well, I just called my store in Carlsbad, New Mexico. They said they didn't know if they'd get any at all... Is this really a possibility?
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    I just wasted, er I mean invested, about 30 minutes of my lunch break waiting in line to talk to an employee at my local Sprint store.

    He said they didn't know how many Pre's would be available tomorrow.

    But, he confirmed that they're opening at 8:00 AM.
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