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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyFripple View Post
    I don't feel like the Pre is really missing anything as far as hardware.
    I do. A memory card slot or at least a decent amount of flash memory.
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    OP: I am waiting for (mostly) different reasons:
    1) I am sick of paying money to be part of a beta test on new stuff (phones, hardware OSs etc).
    2) A large part of the allure of the Pre is what happens in the cloud. I am waiting to see how Sprint's WebOS server capacity handles a few hundred thousand units.
    3) Inevitably, there will be issues. I am waiting for the good folks on this forum to discover (and hopefully correct) MOST of them before I purchase one.

    Quote Originally Posted by billybennett View Post
    This frustrated me soo much. The 800w was my first time getting a smart phone and I felt like I got burned pretty bad. I've managed to tweak it to work but when Palm releases the Treo Pro months after your device it really sucks.
    As an 800w owner myself, I hear you. Until I held a TreoPro. Then I realized that the keybaord on the 800w was head and shoulders above the TreoPro.
    I view the TP more as another phone rather than an upgrade from the 800w.
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    The reason people were pissed about the iphone is because it was ungodly expensive when it came out and THEN had a significant price reduction afterward. Software is just going to get better.

    The pre is already at a low price point and will be able to mature along with the hardware-if you are due for an upgrade, dive in now, then upgrade naturally in 2 years with the pre2.
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