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    Firmware updates on the Treo's took forever to come out. Look at the 700p for example. There were major problems with it when it first came out and it took forever for Palm to release a fix for the issues. Do you think firmware updates will come at a fast pace like the iphone or slow like the treo? If they take a while fixing problems like they did with the treo's, then I think this phone will be a failure face from the start.
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    I am. My terrible 800w is one reason I will not get a Pre tomorrow and will wait.
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    If Palm really wants to compete with the iphone and hopefully secure their future in the smartphone industry they should get firmware updates and any fixes out a.s.a.p.
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    The reason I am hopefull it will be faster is that WebOS was built to be updated OTA and not cobbled together from a radioless PDA OS. It will therfore be vastly easier to send updates. Also the new Plam Profile, with daily backups suggests to me Palm is more committed to constantly working with Pre owners.

    Besides, they need to be quick, or they are going to die.
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    While I never owned a Palm smart phone, I would hope this isn't the case. I would like to see them do what Apple has done with the iPhone. Major feature releases and then bug fixes in between as needed. If WebOS gets 2-3 major patches a year, I would be happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_mycroft View Post
    Besides, they need to be quick, or they are going to die.
    I agree with this, and I really hope they realize that and stick to it.
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    Since the iPhone somehow became the standard for certain things because of its popularity, and how well it doesnt certain things, thats who Palm needs to try to keep up with.

    They need to listen to customers complaints and getting these updates out for fixes, as well as adding little things here and there to improve functionality, and make customers happy.

    Im not really worried, because this seems like a new Palm, and I think they know what they have to do to gain back the trust of old and new Palm customers.

    They started with a great phone, and awesome OS, now they just need to support it 150%.
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    I think the new management at Palm understands the importance of doing updates. What worries me is that the updates will only be bug fixes, and not feature enhancements. There are a lot of the things my Treo does that the Pre doesn't, and I'd like to see those capabilities added to the Pre. I'm not convinced they will be.
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    I don't think they have a choice this time, they have to be excellent all the way around.
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    You can certainly expect them to be slow as most resources will end up improving the developer SDK.
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    Of course we're worried. It is likely us early adopters will have a period of reduced functionality as the kinks are worked out. It is likely that 3rd parties won't get apps out with the speed we want. It is likely that it will crash more than we like. It is likely that memory management when 3rd party apps get more robust will be an issue and it is likely our batteries will die or need recharging sooner than we'd like (especially in the beginning).

    That's part of being an early adopter. If you can't hack it - WAIT!!

    I know what I'm in for and I'll be in line. I've supported Palm since before US Robotics agreed to do the hardware. From Palm to 3COM to Handspring and back to Palm. I trust the heart of what drives the designers and I know they NEEd to get this right.

    As long as they don't announce a clearly superior phone with a ship date in less than 10 months, I'll be satisfied, if not happy.
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    no i think Ruby is on the project.

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