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    ok- i need help and advice!

    i have two lines, both on Sero both out of contract. I know i can't use the sero on the pre. I want to port one number over to the pre (from a treo 700p) and then activate a 3rd line and use on my existing treo 700p with a new tel number - and remain on the sero on that phone. so in the end i'll have 3 lines, one Pre with SEP, and two Sero's one of which would be a new phone number (on existing phone -treo).

    I called sprint and was told i can do this - but the easiest way is for me to go to the store and just get the pre with new number tomorrow first. Then afterwards i am to call sprint and they would then swap tel numbers. so i have my existing tel number on my Pre after the call.

    so in the end, I'd remain on the two sero plans, one with a new tel number on my old treo and i'd have the new SEP plan on the Pre. One caveat - they would then have to work with the rebate for the Pre because i'd be changing numbers.

    is this possible? he said he noted in my account and i got his name and employee ID number too... i just need confirmation!

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    I need confirmation aa well. I'm doing the same thing.
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    I'm not a Sprint employee, but there's no reason why that shouldn't work exactly as the rep had stated. If all you need to do is swap phone numbers on 2 devices, a call to customer service should work fine. It should just be a matter of reprogramming the MSN and MSID on the two phones whose numbers you're swapping, and they can walk you through the steps to do that over the phone.
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    Yes, it can be done. And as they stated, go ahead and buy the Pre on a new line, walk out of the store (unless you have a really nice Sprint rep) and then do the swap next week.
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    thanks guys-- to be sure - i would then also be able to keep the sero plan on the old treo with the newly swapped number?
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    Shouldn't be a problem. If customer service somehow messes it up, just call tech support, and they should be able to straighten it out. Swapping phone numbers on devices should have no effect on your contract or rate plan.
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    thanks guys - you put my mind at ease - well... i'm off to the store in the am and we'll see ! they'll probably be sold out anyway and the above will be moot!
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    Just tried this, but both the fellow at sprint store and representative on web chat insisted that if the number is transferred (from SERO line to new Pre line), that I'd lose the rebate.

    Any ideas?
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    when i called sprint to do what is listed earlier they did warn me i may loose the rebate. i never did bother with trying to keep the sero. however, i would call and explain to them the situation - perhaps they can take something off your bill.

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