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    Dear Premier Customer,

    Due to the overwhelming response to attend the Palm Pre Launch Party, we regret that we are unable to accommodate your attendance request. However, please watch for an email from us on Friday with the inside scoop on how you can be among the first to buy on June 6th. Thank you for your interest in the Palm Pre and we hope to see you at future Sprint events in your area.

    The Sprint Premier Team
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    Did you email someone at sprint to get this email?
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    De-Nied! Ouch.
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    No. I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been working with Sprint for weeks to fix our SP status. We are, but our account wasn't reflecting it. Suddingly we have been receiving tons of Sprint emails (I assume, now that our account is accurate).

    Funny thing, it came from a email address. Not a address.
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    I got same email late last night. I am on wait list for my local party and have been emailing the party coordinator who was the one who sent my similar email. the address is the domain of the party coordinator company who is NOT sprint. I did not get the referenced Friday email yet... but note the word "among" again.... promising I guess but still evasive... my guess is you will not get this email unless you registered and are on a party waitlist or otherwise have been bugging Sprint re your Premier status. Updates later...

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