Beware of smartphone "reviews" that simply convey what they've only been able to explore inside of an hour or during the day....these will only give you impressions, at best.

A true smartphone is like a best friend (yes, like Natali Del Conte, I need therapy); would you trust someone who passed judgement on your friend based on his impressions over a 30 minute lunch?

For a lot of IT hardware, all you ready need are the specs and a few tests to get out a nice benchmark. PDAs (w/o net access!) were already nicknamed "my second brain" - a smartphone is obviously so much more! You need a least a week living with the thing (Dieter's had how many????) to properly appreciate what it can do for you.

All the major sources and blog, Pre|Central included, have been so preoccupied with getting out what the Pre is and how it works. This is great and satisfied one kind of fix I had.

However, what I'd really like to read is a sort of diary, my day with the Pre. How it came through for you, or how not, etc. Julie over at the Gadgeteer does this well, and I think it's the perfect complement to a hard-core techie review. Any takers? (perhaps I'm asking too early?) Feel free to start your own thread; I'm sure the moderators won't mind.