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    My iPhone contract on ATT ended in March. Through an error on ATT's side, our family plan numbers were swapped. The iPhone contract, which should've ended in October, now ended March (whooo-hoo!)
    Only thing is, loved my Palm Treo from way back when and was SO excited when Pre was announced.
    Any suggestions as to what others would do?
    Just wait another six months and hope Pre comes to ATT (and hope they'll give a discount cause the iPhone contract is over 2˝ years old)?
    Ditch the iPhone contract now, make the other family line the primary and wait, then start a new contract, when the Pre comes later?

    We can't get the other line canceled as it would cost more in ETF than finishing the contract.
    We are new to USA contracts as we used to have UK contracts so any "gurus"/experts can help with suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    I would definitely give Sprint service a try. You can pick up a Pre, and don't port your number over and you have 30 days to give the service a test-drive. You can usually get a pretty hefty discount with Sprint on your service plan so it might be cheaper for you in the long run. I just canceled all my lines on ATT and switched since in the SF Bay Area, Sprint has better coverage in my experience. If you like the Sprint service and the price, I'd say to switch. Otherwise, just stick with ATT.
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    Just remember that if you do get the Pre on Sprint it won’t be able to work in most of the world since it is a CDMA phone. If you travel at all this could be relevant.

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