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    WWDC. To be honest. I am month to month on Sprint now. I like to weigh all the choices. Yes, you have to jump in at some point, so my jump point is July. This gives me a chance to hear all of your wonderful personal reviews loves, hates, bugs, fixes on the PRE, and also a chance to see what the apple logo people have in store for July. Dont turn this into an iphone vs pre thread, the question was, what will stop me from getting a PRE. Right now its WWDC. So i wait. (sigh). Would have been nice if this freakin PRE was out in 2008 instead of 2009. I heard about this "new device that was coming" from PALM, so i waited, and waited. The decision would have been easier in 2008. PRE would have been my phone already.
    Ya know what you're problem is? You're just too darn sensible! Waiting for reports from the early adopters is smart, especially considering this is a whole new device on a whole new platform. Sitting back and making a more informed decision is a mature and well thought out strategy. And completely beyond me!

    I shall be at my local Sprint store tomorrow at 7:30, blindly throwing caution to the wind, changing my carrier and abandoning my beloved BlackBerry. Time for a leap of faith. My faith is in Rubenstein and his team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domali View Post
    The fact that Slingplayer isn't on the device is really a turnoff. =/
    Let me make your day SlingPlayer coming to Pre "at or near launch"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Sounds like you made your decision back in January
    Pretty much, though the limitations of the PIM have only become clear with time. OTOH the email client seems decent and the iTunes sync was a nice surprise (though it would have been even nicer if the phone had more memory than an old iPod Nano).
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    Quote Originally Posted by pullbangdead View Post
    Act of God.
    what a fuuuckin ***
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    If someone drives their car through the store while I'm in it
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    The keyboard. For me, the pre's keyboard = fail.
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    Might be moving overseas; my next phone will definitely be an unlocked gsm device if so.

    Holding off on the Pre at least until I know.
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