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    Im sure there are a bunch of people who arent due for a upgrade, and using someone elses upgrade or another line on their account to upgrade to purchase phone, and swapping it theirs,
    Im being told to wait 30 days, not true right? ive only heard this is you want your rebate to work out.
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    I just asked the same thing in another thread. I asked multiple Sprint people and they said you only really run the risk of not getting your mail-in-rebate. Since Best Buy is instant, I don't know how that would go. However, while they said they've never seen it happen before, it is possible that your account could get audited and they could charge-back the entire retail price of the phone.
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    Listen, if they try to do a charge back: Simply call retentions and tell them you are going to cancel your service. Say you bought the phone for you girlfriend and she broke up with you. They don't know what the truth is and sure as heck don't want to loose you as a customer.
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    When the touch pro came out, i got it under my moms line at best buy and switched it over to my line about 30 min later. my brother in law works with sprint n said it had to be on my moms line for 30 days but i called and told the rep i wanted to do a couple of esn swaps n she did it with no problem and haven't been charged back.
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    if you wait 30 days to switch you won't lose the mir. if you do it in less than 30 days you will but you will not be charged back the difference between what you should've paid (based on the time you've had your current phone) vs what you did. but then it might mess up the eligibility dates on both phones. i don't know. i have to do the same thing because when i renewd my contract they switched the main line (which would be the premier line) to a different line on my account. i'll let you know what happens with the eligibility dates for both lines.

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