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    This may be true, but both sprint corporate stores that I went to said they would have 35.
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    Man, if that's true, then that makes me feel a ton better about having to get in line too early.
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    I also was told they would have 35.
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    Clearly some folks don't want to get fired and others aren't worried at all because they have other business and Sprint NEEDS them.
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    I do know it has also always been Best Buy's policy that employees are not to discuss inventory details. Employees at BB Mobile got a notice warning them not to divulge any details related to the launch of the Pre or any other new phones for that matter. People prob already know this, but apparently the HTC Snap is launching the same day as the Pre.
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    Even still, I think is a bad move on Sprint's part to be so hush hush about the Pre. I mean they talk about it as THE savior phone for them, but then lock it away in a vault that no one knows about. NOT COOL. They are definitely going about it the wrong way. Even if this is a "soft" launch, how soft do they want it to be?

    in remarks to their Ready Now service, I hope they dont try to shove that down my throat. I really just want to buy the phone and walk out. I dont even want them to activate it for me. Well...we'll see Sat morning...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    It just keeps getting more interesting, went to my large local corp Sprint store that i was planning on going to very early on Sat morning and spoke to the manager of the store ... asked the usual questions and to my surprise the woman told me they didn't even know now if they were going to have them Sat at all at this point. She also said they never even got a display model to show off which is a sign that also may point in the direction of them not getting them ontime ...

    So i went down the street and found a smaller 3rd party Sprint location and just the opposite happen after i said there is no way with all your huge advertisment posters of the pre in here that you dont have one in the back and his response yes we will have a few and no one really comes here yet alone has asked about the pre ....hmm um by the way you wanna see how it looks wait until this customer leaves.... i was like

    My quick 2 min hands on:
    The screen is amazing and almost has like this 3d effect when browsing web pages. Its so clear, and the pages load pretty quickly and come in 50x better than my centro. The pinch to zoom is nice too but is very similiar to the ipod touch/iphone in a sense its a bit laggy when zooming in and scrolling side to side
    The keyboard somewhat tacky on the keys and alot more back on the keypad (compared to the centro which are like level with the screen)
    The slider is alittle tough at first but gets better with time.
    The gesture thing is pretty cool and easy to get the hang of in 2 mins or so
    The screen rotation sensor is very cool and rotatates the picture in any direction even when the phone is upside down

    The only con and maybe its not a biggie was wow did it take awhile to load from turning the thing on. The rep said it was off all day so it does take awhile but i would say it took about 2-3 mins to get to the home screen....
    A pulsating palm logo is how you can tell its loading in that time ....

    All in all it seems like a solid phone in hand and very easy to use.
    Annoyed i didnt get to type on the keypad but the gf was waiting in the car.
    Also now i am in a runt my centro fell in the toilette an hour after i got to play with the Pre....
    Woah woah woah... Let me start by saying this.. Please give the store your talking about (the corp store).. Because, I'm sure.. REALLY SURE, that a few people that browse this forum would love to have a talk w/ that gal...

    All Sprint stores got their stock in by thrusday (4th)... Some got theirs in on the 3rd.. For her to say she doesn't have a display model is her covering her ****, for her to say they wont or might not have stock sat, is her covering her own priorities..

    Everyone has to understand this first.. The manager has their reasons to say things to customers... Whether they have their invisible list, or not. If I'm a manager and I come by brand new customers that want a phone, I'm going to make that all inclusive invisible list... that gives that store more money.. At the same point.. If I know i have 20 pre's.. and I have 40 brand new customers coming in saying "I wan a pre".. the smart thing is for the manager to tell current customers "I have no idea"...

    What you need to do is this.. Take that managers name and employee number down.. Take her store # down and tell her that you'll inquire about this at another source.

    Fact is... She has Pre's in stock.. She may have other reasons for not wanting to tell you, which are good for her, bad for you, but its still not a good business practice.. Unfortunately this is what really hurts Sprint.

    If you had that store number here, and posted it, I can almost guarantee you that it wouldn't happen again.

    She shouldn't reveal stock numbers, but she also shouldn't be telling customers they might not have any in stock.. They will know by now for sure.

    Get that store # and post it here.. It will be taken care of asap.
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    does anyone know anything about the sprint ABC stores?
    i called every store in san francisco, and one person commented that *maybe* an A store is a better bet?
    as in, they are ranked by A, B, or C, based on volume.
    has anyone confirmed this?
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    It absolutely amazes me that Sprint Stores (especially corporate) are being so lame about the launch of this phone. I speak both as someone who has visited a few stores, as well as a frequent reader of the comments that point to the same thing on this forum.

    Don't these employees/stores want people to be excited, line up, generate enthusiasm?? Don't they want the company they work for to be successful? What possible reason would they have to not give out accurate information in a pleasant manner, while at the same time generate public enthusiasm for the launch, and make Saturday as eventful and notable as possible for their franchsie which to this point has been bleeding customers and business. Do they want to be out of a job?

    I mean, I wish Dan Hesse read these posts, and learned how lame and uninformed (or evasive) the store employees were being about the biggest product his company has ever launched. It's ridiculous.

    I challenge someone to find a good reason to Sprint's benefit.
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