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    9:30 for my 10am appointment.
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

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    I'm posting this reply while in line for the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bballintom22 View Post
    man, your theatres play movies that late??? the latest showings we have here in ks is 1030 pm at the max
    Its one of the highest grossing movie theaters in the US. Cinemark muvico 24 theaters. It was great for the dark knight lol 15 theatres showing all day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kadafy View Post
    Iphone lines were long because they had to sit there and activate the phone in the store
    Depends on which iPhone launch youre talking about.

    iPhone 2G was grab & go with home activation via iTunes.
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    I am thinking about waking at 3am, driving to the store to check out the line (if any). If no line, then I am with other posters, will wait in the car until a line starts forming then jump in.

    I can't wait to retire my 700p
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    I'll pick mine up at the party on Friday, starts at 6:00 PM
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    I'll be at the store at 0600. If there is no line (as I expect) then I'll go get breakfast, otherwise I'm breaking out the lawn chair and post on the forum from my spot there.
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    10pm Friday night at best buy. They will only have 2 so I cant wait to see when a line starts forming. I have to be guy 1!
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    Quote Originally Posted by welance View Post
    I'll be at Tim Hortins at 5:45, Sprint at 6:00. And if the lines not too long, back to Tim Hortins for more of that crack-coffee.
    I know you're from the Buffalo area so which store do you plan on going to and have you heard any inventory counts? I can't get a word in edgewise.

    Called 4 stores all opening at 10am and the one on Union Road I was instructed by employee to 'make sure I get that email'
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    im gonna get up at 5, doubt anyone will be there.
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    what am doing tomorrow night after work (get off at midnight) is to drive by Sprint and see if anyone is there and also walk up to the door and see if there is a sign posted regarding 6th opening time. If it's not posted on the door I will get there at 7:30
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    I'm on a list, so I'll get there at 7:45 and sit in my car until they open the doors at 8. They're going to call the names from the list out. They are getting 30, 15 on a list and 15 for first come first serve.
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    i really dont know when to go. i dont have a BB close by and i only have 1 sprint store for 40+ miles so im really thinking about going after work (1am) but then again i would like some sleep so ... maybe 5 ish sounds a little better. *hoping that they stocked up*
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    i plan on getting to my local corporate store by 5am and if theirs no line i'll just sit in my car until i see a line forming. just hoping i wont fall asleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    I'm posting this reply while in line for the Pre.
    where are you from? are you the only one waiting in line or are others starting to too?
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    bestbuy here is giving out tickets to people in line starting at 8am, (store opens at 10am) they will give out tickets to EVERYONE in line, but after the amount they have in stock it will be a ticket for a wait list for when they get more in stock.

    having heard that, i think i'll show up at 7:30. They have 20 so I think I'll take my chances.
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    I'll check out Best Buy around 4:30am. My area isn't getting a lot of them. If I see more than 2 people waiting in line, then I'll just head right over to a corporate Sprint store. They should have 25-50 on hand that day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crossover37 View Post
    has anybody heard any numbers on Sprint's supply? Will they have like 20 or more per store?

    kadafy --> i would like to go at 7am but i dont know if thats too late, 6am might not be early enough either thats why im trying to get a better idea when i should go haha
    I was at my local store yesterday talking to the rep I've gotten to know over the last few months. He was telling me that they only had 20. Then another rep came from the back and said they had just received another shipment that very moment with about 50 more. So, my store is up to 70ish and may get more today. Just what I was told. Take it fwiw.
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    7:59AM at a corp store and I have no worries about getting one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by notabun View Post
    7:59AM at a corp store and I have no worries about getting one.
    I like your confidence. I think you're probably going to be fine, I just can't risk missing one after waiting this long and following it so intently.

    I'm planning on doing a drive by tonight around 11pm. If there's no line, I'll return in the morning around 6. If still no line, breakfast at Waffle House, then return by 7ish.
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