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    I was able to nab the Centro early before they released but my first gen power adapter went bad so I got the second Gen...... & now hopefully a Pre....

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    Iphone 3G which has been ebayed already and Motorola ic502 which I'm using now.
    Phone history with Sprint since April 2001: Kyocera QCP-2035, LG Touchpoint 1100, Samsung i500, Treo 650, Treo 700p, Treo 755p, HTC Mogul, Blackberry 8830, Samsung A900M, Motorola ic902, Blackberry Curve 8330, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch, Treo 800w, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Motorola i9, Treo Pro (personal)/Iphone 3G 16GB (gone to make room for Pre), Palm Pre, blackberry tour, iPhone 3GS 32GB
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    T-mobile G1.... not a bad phone.... but the Pre looks amazing.
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    Nextel i880. I've had it since it was released. Can't wait for Saturday.
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    iPhone 3g, I'll be making use of the 30 day trial before I sell it.
  6. joelpalm
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    T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl. Sick and tired of T-Mobiles garbage phones. Finally, a true smartphone with what I have been searching for forever.
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    LG Voyager off a VZW FP with the $15 data. Finally not having to worry about texting overages due to the im app will be a godsend. (Sending text to over VZW-Free. Using their retarted app for aim(its basically a prettied up text message app with buddy lists)-Uses both incoming and outgoing txt's that count against a text message plan. 100 dollar overage charge's are NOT something I am fond of...)
    It wasn't me officer, I swear.
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    Blackberry Pearl. I have gone through 2 batteries since Januaury waiting to get this phone.
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    755p (sorry cant post a link yet
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    Sprint Blackberry Curve
    The last Palm product I owned was the Zire71..the Prē is bringing me back.
    So, it's bringing sexy back!
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    Q9C ... I hate windows mobile.... I think it knows it's time is keeps losing my contacts when I plug it into my system to teather it. twice in a week. Grr.
    We wants it, we needs it. Must have the PREcious.
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    a pink sanyo scp-3100. it's hello kitty meets barbie.
    good riddance.
    but what truly kills me is to lose this plan. i've had it FOREVER....

    $40.00 Free & Clear Plan
    500 Anytime Minutes
    120 Additional Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited Text Messaging
    Unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes
    Sprint Data Pack $15.00
    Nights & Weekends @ 7PM $5.00
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    755p (which has some digitizer problems, so i downgraded back to a 700p)
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    i'll be upgrading from my almost dying Treo 680...
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    Curve 8330
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    I'm ditching my Treo 755P for the Pre
    and my wife is ditching her LG Lotus
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    I will be upgrading from the HTC Touch Pro but i wont get my Pre until July 1st. =/
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    Instinct, and I cannot wait to get rid of it...especially since the new upgrade limits the phone to 1,127 mp3's
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