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    Switching from VZW Centro to Pre. The Centro was a great small smartphone but I'm ready to move onto the Pre!
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    iPhone 3G
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    Instinct!!!!! bye and glad to know ya. Cant wait to get a real keyboard
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    Sprint 755p. Got to have faster Web! Otherwise, good phone with many apps that helped keep me organized.
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    touch diamond... lol i should have got the pro when i got it. i cant stand software keyboards
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    Upstage. Its been reliable, but the things I don't like about it, design and function flaws, have progressively gotten more and more under my skin.
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    Moving from Sprint Touch Pro. I should stuck with my Touch Diamond which I only sold 2 months ago. I have problems
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    Sprint BlackBerry 8830 World Edition
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    You must have a Godly battery because I have to charge mine every night and that is with Power Hero saving every bit of juice it can...
    Put it on the charger at night and let it sit until morning, never had one problem or have it die in over a years time. Have the screen brightness at like low to medium and all the backlits off etc...make sure bluetooth is off and location is another biggie as that drains it fast as well .... also push email is a major hog too, set it to manual ...

    Update i think my Centro is officially dead, just had a run in with the good old toilette

    Now I def need the Pre asap!
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    Treo 700P (with 755 maintenance release installed)
    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

    HOW TO: Zip/Unzip via Pre/Pixi using Terminal
    HOW TO: Modify DTMF audio (webOS 1.4.5 or earlier)
    Palm Pre wallpapers
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    iPhone. Oddly (to most people) I'm a little hesitant to switch from At&t since they have had remarkably better service for me than what I got from Sprint or VZW, but I haven't been with Sprint in a couple years or so and hopefully the coverage is much better at home now. Haven't been this excited since the iPhone launch.
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    moving to the pre from a htc touch that runs android most of the time unless i wanna stream vids then i go back to winmo 6.5
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    I'm moving from a sanyo Katana II, which has been my pinch hitter since I had to put my 800w to bed. you can't believe how much i'm jonesing for a smartphone. as much as i hated my 800w, the move back to a simple flip phone is brutal. i feel so disconnected. and texting on that thing again?!? ****...
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    Sprint 8130 (blackberry pearl) with sometimes severe memory issues. Good riddance.
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    Sprint Blackberry Curve
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    Sprint Centro - It was my first into to the smartphone world. It served it's purpose, but now it's time for me to move on.
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    Instinct and Moto Q9c.

    Will miss both, as they both have some awesome/cool features, but well, the pre is just sexy.
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    I'll upgrade from my iPhone 3G when the Pre 3G comes to still a bit of a wait for me I believe.
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    Motor Q9c that I switched to a little over a year ago from long time Treo use 650, 700p & 755p). I need the ability to multitask given it's my primary work phone.

    Here's hoping the Pre does what it's designed to do with a fair amount of reliability (closest thing to crossing fingers I could find!)
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