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    maybe there will be two emails sent out. one that says 8am and one that says 10am??????????????????????????
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    My local store is going to open at 8am, but that was all that he could tell me.
    I did get him to say how much inventory he was going to have and he said 35 units are on order. I will verify this with them on friday after i get off work. Unless they are STILL going to be secret about this info.

    The Best Buy that is across the street told me that they are opening at 9am instead of 10am, so i am also going to verify the units that they have available on friday night. If they have enough (like 10 or more) i will just wait in line at that store so i can get the discount.

    If anybody is in Denver CO area, i will let you know what store it is. If not then more for me!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    well you may need an email for early entry/buy. hopefully they can keep the riffraff out. we'll know soon.

    what geographic area are you in?

    He also told me (yesterday) that they have 30 Pres in stock and expect 10 more before Saturday for a total of 40. Its first come, first serve at 8AM Premier or not. Limit of 5 Pres per customer! He said they expect more to arrive in a shipment Monday.
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    A store in my area (corporate) also told me the 5 per customer limit. He said that, if someone has the money, they could probably do something about that limit. I'm not concerned for me, but I'd be pissed about the eBay-ers that bought up the lot. He said that there wasn't a requirement for upgrade, new customer, or anything. Also said that the Ready Now tutorial is completely optional. They'd rather crank out sales, I'm sure. Wouldn't give me an indication on inventory except to say they'll sell out. (Austin, TX)
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    At this point, Sprint needs to give premier customers a discount on the phone, a discount on a Touchstone or something other than early access. They've screwed it up to much and there is too much risk of losing Verizon and other converts by this 11 hour BS.

    I'll be disappointed as a Premier, but Sprint and Palm will be better off giving me a Touchstone for $30 than screwing the income stream on a two-year plan.
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