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    Where is everyone going for the Pre??
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    Sprint Store by MMM Wireless in Aurora Mall (the one on the 2nd Floor not the kiosk or the Radio Shack that are also in the mall)
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    Sprint store by Microcenter in DTC. See yall there!
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    I am getting ready to go to the store across from the Mills Mall. Plan to be there around 6am.

    I can also check out the line at Best Buy on my way.
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    18 people in line at Aspen Grove store
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    Wife and I both got our devices at the Fort Collins store on Harmony. Short Line AMAZING customer service. They were very focused on each individual customer, had seven people doing sales, and 3-4 others helping out and interacting with the customers outside (only allowed 7 people in store at a time).

    They gave a sheet for us to log our social networking site usernames and then helped us set up everything.

    Only down side I think the store only had 7-8 Touchstones (we got 2).

    As for total product available. there was probably 14 people in line when the store opened and he said that each person could get 5, and if everyone wanted 5 there wouldn't be enough.

    Fort Colllins Best Buy had 2 from what we noticed when we were there to spend some other money (EA Active for the Wii). The first two customers were helped when the store opened and one of the reps told the lady in line she didn't want the pre and convinced her to get some other candybar.
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    Not sure if any Northern Colorado folks are looking for a Pre, but the Sprint Store in Cheyenne, WY has a few. I just picked one up today and they said they had 4-5 left. I couldn't find a single store in Northern Colorado that has one and the Fort Collins store said their waitlist was 40-50 deep.
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    sprint store in lodo 2nd in line and got my pre & touchstone on saturday june 6th. does anyone here have any sort of skinz on their pre? if so which one?

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